Sunday, October 7, 2012

Foot Kinetics

Foot Kinetics

Our protective creams for walking, running and hiking are good for feet, reduce blisters and calluses, moisturize dry feet and cracked heels and relieve sore feet. Athletes, outdoor enthusiasts, military personnel, charity walk-a-thon participants, construction and industrial workers, teachers, nurses and active moms can have better foot health by using Foot Kinetics™ protective foot care creams . . . to read more about Foot Kinetics click here

For my review I was sent a product from Foot Kinetics & I got the Unscented Silk Step (good for your feet). It helps softens calluses, smooths cracked heels, Protects & moisturizes & Reduces Fatigue. SilkStep combines Jojoba, Mimosa and Sunflower waxes with lanolin to form a protective moisturizing layer between the skin and sock. SilkStep absorbs completely leaving skin soft and rejuvenated.

First you want to unsnap the slotted over-cap. Squeeze the tube firmly. Continue squeezing the tube and rub applicator over foot. Thickly cover heels, toes & soles. Carefully roll/pull socks on 0 leaving SilkStep undisturbed.

I only tried it for the first ten minutes because I didn't have any socks while testing the product at my mom's house, so I just put some on my heels where it's cracked a little & smoothed it on.

 Tomorrow I think I am going to get them soft relaxing socks at walmart & put it all over my foot & do it again & see how it turns out to be. After I wiped off the cream within the ten minutes I felt a difference in my heel it felt nice & soft but leaving it on for ten minutes is a big difference from leaving it all all night. 

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  1. I want the SilkStep. This is exactly what I want this winter as I have very dry and cracked heels. Thanks!

  2. OMG I need to get me some of that! My feet are soooooooo dry :/

  3. Need some of this! I'm your newest follower, just stopping by from the "Mom's Monday Mingle" blog hop. If ya get a chance, check out these blogs: