Friday, October 19, 2012

Mediterranean Snack Foods Review

The Mediterranean Snack Food Company is an entrepreneurial, privately-held company founded in 2005. Our mission is innovation to produce great tasting, nutritionally superior snacks . . .  to read more about Mediterranean Snack Foods click here

For my review I was sent 5 products from Mediterranean Snack Foods the following snacks I got were Lentil Crackers "sea salt", Hummus Crispz "roasted garlic" & 3 Wingers flavors: No Bull BBQ, Nacho Chilichanga & Fiery Buffalo Blue. The Wingers are actually shaped like a "wing" I thought it was so cute & unique they were very delicious as well. My favorite kind was the No Bull BBQ that was a Level 1 not to spicy they have different levels on the Wingers bag it goes up to 5 that being the spiciest. 

An example here cause I know you can't tell from the picture I posted of my samples. These were pretty spicy I love spicy snacks/foods, but these were too spicy for me, but my husband enjoyed them so they didn't go to waste.
The lentil crackers were actually pretty darn good I love the sea salt sorta taste like salt & vinegar chips, and we dipped ours in tuna fish. Yummy! My husband enjoyed the Hummus cripz as he loves hummus I am not much of a hummus person, but I did enjoy the flavor roasted garlic so I just had them plain to eat as a snack.

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