Sunday, November 18, 2012

Skinny Pop Popcorn Review & Giveaway

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All Natural * Cholesterol Free * Zero Trans Fat * Preservative Free * Dairy Free Peanut Free * Tree Nut Free * Gluten Free * Non GMO * A Good Source of Fiber & Delicious!

I have received a box of Skinny Pop Popcorn for a review. This popcorn is really healthy & it is actually the best low calorie popcorn I have ever tasted before. It's not like movie theater popcorn that is drenched with butter. In my opinion it's way better even though it might taste plain you can always add whatever you like on it. To give it more flavor I added some garlic on my popcorn. I love it. I just can't believe this brand of Popcorn is so healthy. Skinny Pop is lightly salted & it's made with sunflower seed oil & that gives off a nice flavor as well.

I had gave some to some family members. My pop-pop he loved it. He had said it was very light & he likes light snacks like that. My mom-mom & poppy also enjoyed it a lot my poppy also enjoyed Skinny Pop Popcorn. My mom-mom was than asking me the next day if I had any more & since my mom didn't like it so much she gave her the extra bag she had, so everyone made out okay with it. I still have yet to give it to my husband's grandmother she is a diabetic so this would be perfect for her as well.

I am really happy that Skinny Pop provided me with some samples me & my family enjoyed every bite of this delicious guilt free popcorn :)

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