Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Swiss Colony Review & Giveaway

After graduating, Ray took his class project and began to mold it into reality from the basement of his home in Monroe. In 1926, he mailed out handbills, which he himself designed and stamped, that advertised cuts of Wisconsin-made bulk cheeses. As orders came in, he cut the huge wheels of cheese into pieces, and wrapped and shipped them. In his first year of business, he sold all 50 packages of cheese that he had prepared . 

  For my review I picked out 2 delicious products from The Swiss Colony I ended up choosing the Deep Dish Caramel Apple Pie & Cheesecake Bites. Can you say delicious in every bite. Oh my I first tried out the Cheesecake Bites they were so divine & delicious I couldn't stop eating them literally. The coated chocolate it was nice & thick it just tasted so good I just can't get enough of these little cheesecake bites.

The inside of the Cheesecake Bites.. They are really creamy in the inside. My sister Danielle loves Cheesecake so I would of thought she would of liked these but she wasn't a big fan of them at all which was okay because everyone else liked them :)

Next up we have is the Deep Dish Caramel Apple Pie. I really love apple pie & this was top notch the best apple pie I have ever eaten ever in my life. It's topped with golden streusel & chopped walnuts which I really didn't care for really. It's loaded with cinnamon, apple slices & chunks of caramel. I can't say that I actually tasted any chunks of caramel. I have to say the pie was a bit small I was thinking it was going to be a lot more big like a normal pie would look like you can't feed this for a big family it's more like sharing this with 4 people instead of having to share with 10. The pie was also a little dry as well, but I ate mine with ice-cream so it was good to go for me & my husband I just heated it a little in the microwave for about 20 seconds.

It looks really good on the inside doesn't it? Yes indeed! Although there was a lot of crust to much of it I would say. Also the pie wasn't wrapped well because when I opened it up it sorta fell apart a little bit, so just having a pan underneath of it probably would of helped a little better overall everything was great & I loved it.

This is how I ended my plate with some yummy vanilla bean ice cream over this delicious apple pie :) YUM!

Having a Family Gathering for Thanksgiving this year or maybe Christmas for that matter they have a BUY Now, Pay Later Credit Plan for more information click here

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