Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Veri Peri

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Veri Peri has an extraordinary ability to deliver and exhilarating heat experience without being overwhelming. Being that we have five flavors with varying levels of heat we offer something for everyone . . . . to read more about Veri Peri please click here 
I was sent 5 delicious Veri Peri to review. The following flavors I got were Garlic, Mild, Hot, Lemon & Herb & Very Hot. The first one that I tried was the Garlic me & my family are big garlic fans & I had made pasta with shrimp I simply heated the shrimp in the pan & than added the Garlic sauce into it after the shrimp was done cooking for awhile. It was really delicious especially mixed well with the pasta you don't get to much of the sauce flavoring but it was just enough of how much I put into all the pan with the shrimp you still got lots of flavor & my husband really enjoyed it. Another good thing I love hot sauce so I really enjoyed the "Mild" not the very hot I am not to big on "very hot" stuff but my father in law always tries out these hot sauces from different places so I thought he'd might like to try the "very hot" anyways I made some chicken & I just dipped it in the mild sauce it was pretty good & tasted good you could tell it had all the right spices in the sauce. I really enjoy Veri Peri & each bottle is only $4.99 isn't that bad at all.

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  1. I know just the person who would love to to have some of their hot sauce.