Monday, November 12, 2012

Zak Review

Since 1976, Zak Designs has been committed to making mealtime fun for people around the world. Whether it's through dinnerware and on-the-go products that feature children's favorite characters or tableware and kitchen prep products that represent the latest global fashion statements, Zak gives people the mealtime products that fit their appetites. 

For my review I picked out a few things from & the following items I chose for a review were Paul Frank Snack & Sip Canteen, Spider-Man Classic Flatware (not shown in picture above), Bowl Sets in Confetti & Disco Juice - Kiwi (small & tall). I was so happy to have received these for a review. I think when your cooking a simple mean or just a dessert your children/kids should join in on the fun as well. I know my son loves helping me make cookies & brownies. With that being sad I love everything they have on their website they have a collection for Kids as well that is my favorite part on the website. 

These bowls are fun mixing whatever you want to whip up whether it being whisking up some eggs or getting all the ingredients in the big orange bowl. These bowls are very creative & I love the colors.

 This Canteen is so cute my son loves Monkeys so I wanted to get him this one & on the bottom it comes with a snack bottom that you can fill your favorite snack in & have it on the go my one concern is with this the lid is so hard to pull off so he can sip the juice the yellow tab I don't like that at all that it is difficult to come off.

My son drinking his juice out of his canteen, so cute!

These cups are plastic what's good about these when my son carries it around the house & if it falls I don't have to worry about cleaning up glass. I love plastic cups & they don't even look plastic. These would be great if you had a collection of different colors & have these during the summer time.

We all know how to use silverware my son needed some new ones, so he likes spider-man & he eats with these all the time now.

Whether your shopping for things for your house or want to get some Kitchen prep stuff this website is defiently the way to go they have a lot of different variety's of different stuff they also have Party & Entertainment products that you'll just want to check out.

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