Sunday, January 13, 2013

Alpha Hydrox Review


Alpha Hydrox® skin care products are manufactured in Denver, Colorado... Battling sun damage, dryness, lines & wrinkles, age spots and acne is easy and extremely affordable with Alpha Hydrox skin care products.  Our alpha hydroxy treatment products help to prevent and reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and creases . . . to read more about Alpha Hydrox click here


For my review I was sent a bottle of Silkwrap Body Lotion. I first used this lotion when I had just got out of the shower & shaved my legs. I put the lotion on when my legs were still a little damp it rubbed in really well & it didn't feel so silky like the name Silkwrap I would figure it would be silky, but it wasn't it felt like regular lotion I would have used. It didn't feel any different from my point of view not saying that the product is bad or anything just not anything special is all. However I do like that it left my skin feeling nice it wasn't greasy or anything, but it didn't feel that smooth either. Maybe I would have had a better review using one of their Body Wash instead. Although I did want to try out their ALPHA HYDROX ACNE TREATMENTS.

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