Sunday, January 6, 2013

PMD Personal Microdem Review

PMD Personal Microderm

PMD Personal Microderm was designed and developed by people who have a passion about microdermabrasion and youthful and glowing skin. PMD Personal Microderm is a patented, "at-home" microdermabrasion device perfected by a prominent Esthetician, a World Renowned Dermatologist and Laser Surgeon, and a Microdermabrasion and Laser equipment sales, refurbishing and repair company, all who worked with professional microdermabrasion machines daily.

 I was very excited to have reviewed this Personal Microdem for review. I did a little research about it while it was on it's way for arrival and I read some reviews on it.

The PMD comes with the microdem & 5 exfoliating discs, one reusable filter & the eletric cord. The exfoliating discs they come in blue & green, the blue is for more sensitive skin types & the green is good for tougher skin types, so if you wanted to use the blue apply to your face (smaller areas) to use the green use more on (larger areas) like your hands, neck, legs & arms, etc.

It's very light weight, not heavy at all.

 Make sure you absolutely listen & watch carefully before using the Personal Microdem System because you wouldn't want to hurt or damage your skin!!!

I gave this system to my mother & we have being taking notes about it because I for one aren't getting old & this is more for older woman that have fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, skin discolorations & other imperfections who want smooth, even-toned skin, so my mother has been using this product for about 4 weeks now and she does it one per week.

 First time she used this product we watched the video together (it comes in the package) like 4 times. She said that her wrinkles were mysteriously going away & we couldn't believe it. Your skin may feel a little bit dry and tight for the first day but if you put moisturizer on it it'll do the trick!  This product is really useful & other people use it like:

Celebrities, Press, Media and More Celebrities - Why They Love It:
The PMD Personal Microderm was immediately a hit everywhere, from television appearances, YouTube videos, magazines, bloggers, and everyone in between.  “Hitting Hollywood by storm” the PMD Personal Microderm is the hottest device in skin care; even the “The Dr. Oz Show” asked to do a segment on the PMD!  PMD Personal Microderm is growing continuously and developing new ideas every day to get the word out about achieving younger, more brilliant skin.  So stick around and explore this website to see what celebrities and magazines are saying about the PMD.PMD Personal Microderm was organized and established in order to introduce the patented PMD device to the world. It is their mission and objective to bring new and innovative products to the market that are synergistic with and complimentary to anti aging. PMD will find the best and most effective products that have the potential to make us look and feel younger and more vibrant.

Introducing the PMD Regeneration System.

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  1. Great review! I've been seriously contemplating purchasing this as I want my acne scars to heal. I am your newest follower from the I Love My Online Friends blog hop! :)

    1. Thank you. I went to your blog & followed you on everything except your blog because I couldn't find the join my site, but anyways I will be waiting to hear back if I'll be doing a giveaway if so you should deff. enter :)

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  2. What a awesome system! I always wondered how easy it was to use. Have fun with it and let me know. Take before And after photos to show :-)