Thursday, January 17, 2013

ViVi Clothes

VIVI Clothes

 Are you or someone looking for a clothing site that has unbeatable fashion from all over the world? Are you getting married soon or are looking for wedding dresses, and you can't seem to find the right one?


 I can help you I have a wonderful website called ViVi Clothes. They offer such a big variety of clothing & accessories (I know I love handbags) in style from all over the world. I was visiting their Jackets on there website and they have some affordable jackets just in time for this winter season. One of my favorite Jackets that I saw was this one below:

cute pink women coat

I love pink, so this is a very fashionable coat that I would love to wear. It comes in Pink or Brown.

They have really cute & adorable earrings as well some pictured below:

tokyo fashion earringsearrings online shop

 I love their unique earrings, you can shop for your child or for a gift for someone special.

Now for the most exciting part their Bags. I for one am a big Handbag person. I love really big handbags & small purses for when I go out. I have about 100 handbags in my room.

Cute Pink Women Bag With Bow Cute JAPAN LIZ LISA Sweet Princess Lolita Leather Ribbon Bow Holdall Handbag Charm Bag Japan LIZ LISA/LIZLISA Cute/Kawaii Designer Leather Ribbon Bags With BowMerci Beaucoup Cute/Kawaii Hello Kitty Bag

Catch my drift all these handbags above are so cute & pretty & the hello kitty are so unique & different. What girl doesn't love handbags!!!! 

Now this isn't all they have they also have Menswear, Shoes, Make-Up, etc. Be sure to check there website out soon :) 

Vivi Clothes ship worldwide and the payment options include: credit cards and PayPal.

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  1. Nice..thanks for sharing the info...

  2. Sounds like a great site to shop!

    Hi! Thanks for stopping by! I'm already a follower of your lovely blog.

  3. So cute! I loved the pink jacket and the handbags. Thanks so much for sharing. Dropping by via the Harvest of Friends blog hop. Have a wonderful weekend!