Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Hartz Review & Giveaway


At Hartz, we strengthen the bond between all pets and their families by providing innovative, trustworthy and affordable products; along with the knowledge and support to care for pets.

For my review I was sent a few pet products to review from Hartz. The products that I received were the following:


I really liked everything I got from Hartz. My pet dogs absolutely loved everything including the Bird looking odd toy. The small chihuahua his name is Chip & the other laying down is Rudy. I am going to explain each product I got & try to tell you what I liked about it or what I didn't like.

 Chip getting a feel of what this odd looking goofy toy is.

Warming up to the Nose Diver I believe that is what it's called from the website.

Chippy really loved this toy he was so aggressive towards it like it was a mini pet like him, lol. Too funny. I mean it does look his size so I think it was a perfect toy for him. When they love toys it makes me happy! The bottom corner to the right I was giving chippy a small treat they were called the Hartz Chikables Bites. The two dogs didn't really like them all that much, but my pop pop's dog Sammy she loved them along with the other Hartz Oinkies Pig Skin Twists with Peanut Butter.

 Sammy loved the Oinkies Pig skin Twists with Peanut Butter. It was funny because the two chihuahuas would steal the twist away when Sammy wasn't looking just to pretend they didn't like it, but were teasing the other two dogs. It was hilarious.

 Chip had no desire to eat it just take it away when someone made a move or walked over. LOL!

I think the Groomer Brush came in handy because my pop pop's dog Sammy loves to be scratched I would scratch his butt all day so I gave this brush to my pop pop so he could brush it on Sammy. The hair is really easy to take out to your not struggling to pull it out you just simply take it out with no struggle.


 The Leash works really good too it has a nice grip & I took one of the dogs for a walk & it was good to use. I didn't go at night, but during the summer when it's nice out I will use that more often.

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  1. It would be for our golden/shephard mix!

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  4. My daughter who I live with has 2 cats and a dog so hoping to win for her animals

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