Sunday, March 24, 2013

Ahai Shopping Review

Womens Fashion Clothing, Dresses, Shoes

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For my review my first choice was the Korean casual round neck Stripes wild sweater. I choose this one because I loved the way it looked & something my mom would love to wear. She loves sweaters and thin ones. Obviously you have to wear something underneath because it is see thru a little bit near the bra straps you can see above in the picture of my mother.

I was surprised how well this fit her & what a beautiful top this was for only $9.99 you can't beat that. This size is one size only which should fit all petite. They also have a black striped with white, but we got the blue striped with white.

The second choice I chose was the Korean short-sleeved bat shirt. This shirt was actually a little bit tight my mom didn't like that so much because of her little bit of flub she has "oh please" lol anyways I thought it was cute we didn't really know how the shirt was supposed to go with the overlapping of the sides but I guess we figured it out because she put it in the front of her arms as you can see from the back it's sleeveless. This is a nice summery shirt she could wear on a night out to a bar with friends or a game night with friends. 

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