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Cutting Edge Stencils Review

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Janna Makaeva, the other half of Cutting Edge Stencils is the real driving force behind Cutting Edge. Janna ran her own decorative art business before joining forces with Greg. Her Masters degree in Zoology and Botany allow her to design incredibly accurate animal and plant stencils. She'll even give you the Latin name! Janna also has a love for pattern and ornament and has studied both graphic design and fine art . . .  to read more about Cutting Edge Stencils click here 

I chose this Spring Songbirds Wall Stencil to review for my blog. I chose this piece because I thought it was really cool looking & pretty, but the one that is on the website doesn't look like the one I got to review. I am not sure if there is different pieces to the stencil or what, but this is what it turned out to be.

My step dad centered the stencil where my sister wanted it to be in her room, and than we went from there we got the paint that my step dad thought would look good. So we decided with the branches of course to go with brown & the birds yellow but we did end up painting one of the birds brown because where we had to paint over the stencil part it was way to close to the branch and we didn't want to mess it up. 

This is what the Spring Songbirds Stencil looked liked when my step dad was all finished with it, it looks really cute. Doesn't it? I thought the brown would go great with the yellow birds, and it did. It turned out so wonderful. My sister's wall was technically a light blue color as you probably can't tell from the pictures, but it looks great. We love it!

What's great about the stencil is you can re-use it because originally we were going to put this stencil in my parents room, but my step dad wasn't to sure because it was his first time doing it so he wanted to put it in one of the girls rooms, but since he likes it maybe he can do it again & put it above his bed that would look so amazing.

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