Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Get Mobi Review

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Welcome to Mobi Technologies, Inc., the multi award winning juvenile & family safety and consumer electronics “niche product” company. Mobi prides itself on identifying market needs at individual, family and even societal levels, and dedicates itself to the simple goal of providing “simple solutions”. . . . to read more about MOBI click here

  I picked out this AnimaLamp to review from Get Mobi. It's a portable LED Light and I had gotten my son the giraffe. I think this is so cute & a great idea for a little night light or something they can just have with to read a book. It has an easy touch button to turn on and off. 10 hr battery charge as well.

 How cute is this AnimaLamp. I love it!

 What it looks like when it's off.
 What it looks like when it's on.

My son Nicholas with his giraffe animalamp. They have other animals other than the giraffe which are a monkey, bunny and they have some GloMate which are different animals as well.

 Don't mind the mess of a room. This is what the AnimaLamp looks like when it's on in a bedroom. It gives off a lot of light for a room this big. I was really impressed, and my son loves it for a night light.

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  1. That's an awesome lamp. Thanks for the info and great pics.

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  2. Now that is pretty darn cool!!!
    Already a follower on GFC! Thanks for link up on the Social Mix hun!!! :)

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