Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Hylunia Review

Hylunia was born out of a Father’s search for healthy and effective skin care for his child. As a young father, our founder searched for a safe skin care line for his infant daughter’s sensitive skin, without much success. Being a scientist himself, he decided to partner with an accomplished team of dermatologists, scientists and physicians to develop irritant-free skin care products that would use nature’s healing power to keep skin safe, soft and radiant. The result was the launch of the Hylunia line of natural and organic skin care products in 1988 . . . to read more about Hylunia click here

I was sent 3 products from Hylunia. I got the following Salicylic Facial Cleansing Gel, Colloidal Silver Spray with Lavender Floral Water & Facial Day Lotion to review. Basically I picked out the 3-Step Acne Treatment System.

I love the Facial Cleansing Gel I use this because I have a few blemishes on my face & arms, and I have no idea why I always break up but it's driving me bonkers! So I use this every morning & night for the past week so far, and I am feeling a difference in my skin it's not so red anymore, and a few blemishes have gone away not only that the stuff helps get rid of whiteheads & blackheads.

The Facial Day Lotion I use all the time this is some great stuff here & you don't need a lot just a little bit to rub into your face it's so refreshing & I love the way it smells & leaves my skin feeling soft. I think every product for your face leaves a nice silky smooth feeling.

Last but not least the Silver Spray it's basically a toner to keep your face radiant. I like it a lot. I don't spray to much on either just about 1-2 sprays onto your face. I love the the smell to :)

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  1. I am a big salicylic acid fan, so it sounds like I'd love these!