Saturday, April 6, 2013

Maneteeze Review

MANE TEEZE by T&M was designed with the stylish and sassy in mind.
Our efforts can be found in each of our tantalizing scents! While we grow and develop, we promise to deliver the flirtiest fragrances to manes everywhere! 
Our goal is to continually improve every last drop of our business and take MANE TEEZE to unimagined heights! 

Mane-Teeze pic

 I was sent 3 scents of Maneteeze to review that are up above in the pictures. Social Butterfly, Haut Mess & Black Widow. I never heard about hair perfume before ever and I was really excited to try this product out because I know our hair can tend to smell when we work out and get all hot & sweaty even during the summer time that is well here is a solution you can spray some hair perfume on you and feel more relaxed & at ease. I love the Social Butterfly the best it smells so wonderful and sweet. I am almost running on empty of the sample I got because it's not filled up all the way it's only filled up a little bit not to the top which I was a little disappointed in, but no worries, so if you are looking to spice up your hair a little with some hair perfume I suggest you get these lovely products. You won't be disappointed at all because they smell wonderful! One more thing I love how they are so convenient to put in your purse for on the go :)

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