Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Necklace Saver Review

For my review I was sent a couple of samples to review from The Necklace Saver. I was really happy to have gotten so many & not only that I love to share with my friends & family. These necklace savers couldn't come sooner because I do have this one necklace that is tangled up like crazy and it's been a few months & I still am trying to fix it and once I do get it out of the knot I am going to deffiently put it in my necklace saver for sure.

So, I bet you are all wondering what The Necklace Saver is well I am going to do step by step pictures how I used The Necklace Saver....

So, first off you take the necklace saver out of the packet and lay it out straight I have the other end holding it as well I just folded it in half so that is why it looks so short.

Next you find the opening of the one end of the necklace saver which is circled in yellow in the picture above. You put the one end of the necklace through the opening and it will look something like this:

See the necklace that I have in the necklace saver is in there although if you have any loose charms that are on your necklace I suggest taking them off and than putting them back on after you get it together cause mines fell off when I was trying to put it in the necklace saver.

Than you clip on the necklace like you would usually do putting it on and it is all safe & sound! Now you can leave as is or you can tie it like this:

I really love these necklace savers they are the best and they are very convenient for your necklaces. I know I have used all 10 of mine and they are stored in my room near my jewelery box. They are wonderful & like I said I wish I would of known of these life savers earlier :) 

How to use the Necklace Saver

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