Monday, May 13, 2013

Choclatique Review


There is no edible substance more fantastic than chocolate. It is nature’s perfect food, whether consumed as a bar or used as an ingredient t o make cookies, brownies, cakes, custards, ice creams, drinks, and more. It is equally luscious at almost any temperature—warm, hot, chilled, or frozen. There is nothing one can think of that even comes close to chocolate . . . to read more about Choclatique click here

I was really excited to have gotten a Fondue Kit to review from Choclatique
They offer so much more on their website and you can find that here

I didn't get to use this Fondue Kit yet but wanted to post my review and until than when I use it I will upload pictures to my Fondue Kit, and gather all the pictures together.

My Fondue Kit came with premium dark, milk & white chocolate, and with 6 dipper forks. A booklet of delicious fondue recipes. This chocolate fondue is kid friendly I am very happy I was given this to review because we have a 6 yr old and he loves chocolate too, so I am going to be excited to take pictures when we do our Fondue Kit soon :)

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