Sunday, May 26, 2013

Juil Review


Our mission is very simple – we want you to look better, feel better and be better™. This all starts from the ground up, wearing our unique and remarkable styles that provide you with your own special connection.

For my review I was sent these amazing sandals from Juil and the ones I chose were the Brio Pewter. I fell in love when I first took them out of the box they were just what I imagined and they are really comfortable & they fit me just right. I love the metallic color.
 They also have other amazing colors & some new ones too.

I can't believe how comfortable they were and I just wanted to see how well they fit on my foot because I am in a brace from fracturing my ankle I have to wait to take a full picture of me wearing them, but other than that I love them and I am so glad I own a pair of Juli sandals & I can't wait to show them off during the summer time (:

They have quite a collection of other Juil scandals you can check them all out here
Contact Juil ~~~> or 1-877-791-3180

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  1. They look amazing x Following your blog too x

  2. These are such cute Juil Sandals! The color looks really nice!

  3. Hi, I'm a new follower from the blog hop! Really glad to find your blog and looking forward to reading more. It would be lovely if you could follow me too? I think those sandals are so cute, and they look so comfortable too! Have a great day.

  4. The sandals are soo cute! I am am a new follower on G+ and GFC. Hope you will stop by and say hello.

    Lydia @ Still On The Verge

  5. Frantic Mama is following you now from the Bloglovin Blog hop! Love your blog design :).