Wednesday, May 8, 2013

mybotto Review & Giveaway

Fact is, 25% of all lotions, potions, glues and gels is left unused in bottles simply because product is stuck in the bottom. With mybotto inverted bottle holder, you can flip bottles upside down, and gravity finishes the job: every last ounce slides right to you . . . to read more about mybotto click here 
 I could never find a solution for the tiny bit of shampoo in my bottle or lotion for it to come out, but when I came across this website called mybotto I was really impressed. It's an awesome accessory to have and you'll get the last bit of liquid in your bottle. 

 I was sent a few samples of mybotto to try out. I've used these a lot with my Shampoo & Conditioner Bottles, and I gave 2 to my friend so she could test out as well. I still have yet to take some pictures, but will get them up soon :)

 These would be great for bringing with you to a trip or camping as well. I love these. I wish I knew about these sooner like 3 years ago, but I am so glad I have them now, and I use them for everything especially when my bottle is running on empty and I can't get any left.

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  1. I LOVE these and I love the pump savers! I went to read what they were for and I have a bottle of lotion that I need these for right now. What clever products!!!