Monday, June 17, 2013

Labriola Baking Company Review

Eating authentic artisan bread can be a lusty delight. Tear it open, feel the crackle of the crust and resistance of the interior. It will have a large open crumb, and an aroma that only hints at what lies within. The taste is at once earthy and immensely flavorful. It looks and tastes honest . . . . to read more about Labriola click here

I was sent a bag of Labriola Pretzel Buns to review. I've never really heard of actual pretzel buns before and I actually thought that it was a great idea, they smelled just like soft pretzels & the texture of the pretzel buns were really soft except there was no salt on them. Me & my husband were really excited to try them I decided to make boneless ribs and thought it may go good with our dinner to actually make a sandwich, and it turned out awesome. They were so yummy & delicious.

It was really delicious & I wanted more, but I always portion myself for dinner & one was enough for me my husband luckily had two though LOL, and my son enjoyed one as well.

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