Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Staples (Kindle Fire HD Tablet) Review

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I was extremely excited to have picked out something from Staples. I was able to choose something from a price they listed with different links to different products. I was beyond thrilled! With that being said, I picked out a Kindle Fire HD Tablet to review. Words can't describe how much I wanted a Kindle so bad. My brother recently got one & I fell in love although mine was a little bigger than his (:

Here are some picture above some that I have downloaded on my Kindle Fire. I love listening to music so I downloaded Frostwire it's a really great program you can download music & music videos. I love this app so much. I've downloaded a lot of songs so far, and I continue to download more. 

I downloaded Netflix for my son so in case we are in long car rides he can watch them although I believe you have to have WiFi connection so not sure how that will work without it, but as long as he practices at home with tracing his letters & numbers he should be set. I love for my son to be encourage to learning and this Kindle really is helpful for him.

I recently downloaded an app called Better Homes it's recipes I love making new foods for my family, so I've been searching for different recipes on their and it's been helpful.

I've downloaded a camera on my Kindle although it has to be facing you to take the picture. I guess that is the way it's set up because it's not like an iPad where you can take pictures of everything a Kindle is simply for reading but other things as well. This program called Skype was actually already downloaded on my Kindle it's a Live Video Chat, so if you have family that live far away & want to chat with them that is a great feature on Kindle.

Overall I really love my Kindle Fire & I share it with my son & he loves it too. I can't wait to download a book & start reading it (:

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