Monday, June 17, 2013

Three Lollies Review & Giveaway

Noni has worked as a Registered Nurse for over 25 years and her focus has always been toward families, childbirth and babies. A great believer in preventative care, Noni started working with adults, progressed to pediatrics and families, then high risk infants, newborn nursery, and, finally, childbirth and pregnancy classes of every sort, always attempting to prevent a problem before it occurred . . . to read more about The Team at three lollies click here

For my review I had contacted three lollies to do another review because awhile back I had tried their pregnant pops for a friend, and I wanted to try their other products they had. For my review I asked for the following:

I chose the variety pack because I like to try the different flavors, and the one that is pictured above I believe that is Sour Raspberry. It tasted so good it wasn't really that sour. Which was good. I use these Queasy drops when I have an upset stomach. I really have issues with my stomach for quite sometime now it's literally anything that I eat greasy foods, and oh boy I am a big baby when my stomach hurts, so I just pop one of these in my mouth & it helps soothe my stomach down a lot they have done such wonders & they really work for me. Plus I love the flavors!

My son has been complaining about his stomach to but he has stopped. I think he only does it because mine hurts, but I let him have one onetime when he wasn't feeling so well. I had to explain to him that these aren't lollypops & they are to help your stomach when you aren't feeling to queasy! 

I still have yet to give these to my step dad he just started smoking again after doing the hypnotist with my husband, and my husband has been doing well, but not my step dad he needs to quit for good! He'll get a kick out of these though, but he should try because I think these are really great & helpful if you feel a crave you can simply suck on a Smoking Sucks Lollypop (: & they also have them in drops too.

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