Sunday, August 18, 2013

Finlandia Cheese Review

Muenster cheese collage 
 I was sent two coupons for review from Finlandia Cheese. Since my local Shoprite didn't have a great selection of cheeses I went with Muenster cheese. I was really disappointed that they didn't have a great selection because I really wanted to try the American cheese. This past Saturday my husband made us grilled cheese, and we used the muenster cheese.

I was very skeptical to try it because without my American cheese it wouldn't be as great, but my husband, son & I tried it, and it was okay. I personally didn't like it because it was to sharp for me, but at least my son liked it & my husband (:

 I bet the cheese would go great with a baked macaroni & cheese, and I will have to use the next package for that. I could alternate the cheese or add it in there as well it. I think that is something I will enjoy most because who doesn't love macaroni & cheese!

Another great took I love on their website is that whatever cheese you have from Finlandia you can check each box and it will tell you the recipe you would like by an entree, appetizer or for a sandwich. I think that is a clever idea. Gives you something new to try so head on over & check out their cheese recipes.

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  1. That grilled cheese looks sooooo good! I've seen that brand at the store but haven't bought it before. I'll have to check it out next time.