Sunday, January 5, 2014

Love With Food Review

Disclosure: I received these product/products mentioned on my blog free of charge for the purpose of this review my opinions are my own and may differ from yours!

This December, Love With Food has an awesome year-end deal. Discover new, organic, all-natural snacks delivered to your door! Just $10 a month, click here for more details.

I love the box that they have when they deliver to you because it's not just a small box it's actually a decent size box, and it looks so appealing & bold. It's nice for the holidays too.

For my review I got the December 2013 Tasting Box. What I got in my December Tasting Box was the following:

Some of the different things I got in my Love With Food Box. I was really excited to have gotten a sample packet of the Spinach Dip. I love spinach dip and I can't wait to make this with my mom. My son also loves hot coca so I can't wait for him to try that with the marshmallow topper which I thought was really different & cool looking.

This looks so cool and it's Gluten free too.

My favorite product in the box I received was the Molasses Spice Cookie it was so good & delicious. I thought I wouldn't like it because it was a spiced cookie, but I was wrong. I tried it & I enjoyed it so much. It was nice and chewy & fresh. I want to order some more they only had 2 in a bag, and I wanted more!

 They even managed to fit a cute little size Love with Food Tote Bag in their. I love these bags because I can re-use them when I go grocery shopping!

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  1. Hmmmm this looks interesting... I hope there's items with no coconut I could pick from

  2. I love sample boxes, especially when they contain yummy treats! Thanks for sharing :)

  3. I can think of several friends that this would make a great (aka: fun, thoughtful, delicious) gift for. I couldn't afford the one year subscription - but maybe 3 months...

    I also LOVE that with every purchase they make a donation to help feed hungry children.

    Aside: While everything in your box sounds delicious (the chocolate speaks for itself) - but like you - it was the SPINACH DIP that sparked my attention (and my appetite) I LOVE Spinach!

    Jesselyn A/Jesstinger

  4. Cute! I never knew they even made things like this. I love that its all natural food. Perfect gift for my momma.

  5. How fun is that!?! I love surprises and food and this is a great combo of them!
    PS: I voted for you via the mommy hot spot button

  6. I love food boxes! Who needs more makeup.

  7. I wonder how many savory snacks they give compared to sweets...

  8. This does look like a good assortment! I really like the idea of a marshmallow topper, what fun.