Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Element Bars Review

Disclosure: I received these product/products mentioned on my blog free of charge for the purpose of this review my opinions are my own and may differ from yours!

As a graduate student in molecular nutrition and novice runner, Maria has tried all the nutrition bars out there. After studying nutrition, . . . to read more about Element Bars click here

Element Bars sent me a few samples to review on my blog. I was really thrilled to try these great bars because when I work morning it's always hard to hurry up and eat something for breakfast and not only that I always try and bring a healthy snack to work cause we get a 15 minute break and I just want to have something in my stomach until I get home for dinner.

The flavor Element Bars that I were given were the following: Autumn Blueberry, Cinnamon Mornings, Chocolate Cherry, Almond Sunrise & Datey Divine.

My two favorite were the Cinnamon Mornings & Almond Sunrise. The cinnamon mornings was chewy and had raisins in them. I am not a big fan of raisins but from time to time it doesn't bother me that much when they are in certain foods.These actually have apricots & soynuts in them which you can barely taste so delicious! I had this with a yogurt and even broke some apart and put some in my yogurt like a granola type it was yummy!
The Almond Sunrise was really good I am a big fan of Almonds not to eat them plain though but in certain foods like chocolate covered almonds are really good and yogurt with almonds are really delicious too and the bar was also chewy and they also had cherries in them although I am not a cherry fan they were really good in the bar.
I gave my pop-pop the Autumn Blueberry he said they were delicious and my husband had the Chocolate Cherry he loves and will eat anything.
On their website they have a tab where you can actually "create your own bar" I wish I had the opportunity to do that because I love bars and I would of made mine extra good here is an example of what my bar would of been:
 1. The core would of been Chewy Organic with Almond Butter
2. Fruits I would of added some banana, Coconut & Prunes
3. Nuts I would of chose Peanuts & Flaxseeds
4. Sweets - Honey & Chocolate Chips 
5. Boost I would of only chose Fiber
6. Name of my bar would of been called Tara's Bar (:

I would of had a blast making my own bar and naming it too. Element Bars are really good for you and are great for a mid-snack always great for a morning breakfast if you aren't a breakfast person just open a bar up and eat it it will keep you satisfied throughout lunch time.

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  1. I'm into healthy eating and would love to try Autumn Blueberry & Chocolate Cherry. These bars would be handy as a snack on trips too.