Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Yay! Life! Review

Disclosure: I received these product/products mentioned on my blog free of charge for the purpose of this review my opinions are my own and may differ from yours!

How it all Began... It all started on a beautiful, crisp winter day in Denver, Colorado. Rachelle had put a pumpkin pie in the oven and when she took it out, Carl said, “Yay. Pie.” In his deadpan voice . . . to read more about Yay! click here
 I was sent a few selected Yay! Life! Magnets for my car on Yay! Life! I was extremely excited to get these because I love sayings and I love when I can decorate my own car, fridge, etc. These are truly the most happy little magnets I have ever seen. I love the quotes they have or sayings I should say. I picked out Yay! Coffee!, Yay! Whatever!, Yay Camping!, Yay! Chihuahuas!, Yay! Daughters!, two of them than aren't listed in the picture above were Yay! Family! & Yay! Moms!

I have three on my car the ones that I got for myself were Yay! Moms!, Yay! Family! & Yay! Whatever! those are all my favorite. I wish I would of gotten one that said Yay! Shopping! that fits me to a T (:

Here is a picture of my car with all three of these YAY! LIFE! Magnets that just make me so happy with life.

I stuck them on wherever I could find room. I spreaded them out so they weren't all together.

Yay! Coffee! I got that one for my step dad Joey. He is always going to get coffee breakfast, lunch & dinner it's unbelievable how he is LOL I always joke about it too, so this magnet fits his description SO WELL!

I got my husband the Yay! Camping! we also love camping, but my husband loves fishing too I didn't even think to look for a Yay! Fishing! that would of been the highlight of his life (:

I gave my mom the Yay! Chihuahuas! & Yay! Daughters! but the one didn't fit on her car so I put one on for now. We used to have 2 dogs 2 chihuahuas, but only have one now. We miss our Rudy so much. 

I simply love these magnets because they are so fun and different. They are only $3.50 too you can't beat that. No one has yet grabbed mine off of my car which is good because I hope no one does. That is why in the past I was skeptical about buying them in Spencer's because people would take them off your car and that is no fair at all!

These are great for anyone who has a car or simply has a fridge Yay! Life! would be happy if you purchased some for your friends/family whoever it may be. Some are hilarious too you'll get a good laugh out of, and if you know someone who loves coffee like I do and make it out to be a joke they will love it.

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