Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Screen Joy Microfiber Cloths Review

I received a product called Screen Joy Microfiber Cloths. I never really buy any of these products except for cleaning wipe towelettes from my local Wal-Mart store which work really good on smartphones but not to wipe down expensive Desktop Computers like I have. I recently got a new touch screen and with finger prints on the screen and dust I wanted to give this a try.

Each cloth is large 12x12 inches. Incredibly fine material leaves to scuffs or scratches. Safe for even your most delicate surfaces. Remove fingerprints, smudges, dust off eyeglasses, smartphones, tablets, laptops & much more. Reusable and long lasting. Hand wash and air dry to use multiple times more.

Be sure when you are wiping to wipe in one direction I never really new to do that or thought that it mattered. 

When using Screen Joy Microfiber Cloths the benefits you get when using the material that will gently lift away dust, zig zag edges to prevent surface scratching, large surface area so you always have a clean spot on the cloth to finish the job, and long lasting.

You can tell by the before picture how there are some finger prints top part and the side left even a few where the flash is just little spots in the area, and when I used my microfiber cloth the after picture came out really shiny and spot free which is great on my behalf. I'm glad I got three of these purple microfiber cloths so I can let my pop pop try it out on his new TV.

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  1. Oh yes, they really do work well, specially having two little ones around I have very well put these cloths to use.
    Take Care!