Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Justin's Review

Disclosure: I received these product/products mentioned on my blog free of charge for the purpose of this review my opinions are my own and may differ from yours!

As a vegetarian living an active lifestyle, Justin was on a mission to create something better. Given that nut butter was a staple in his diet, plain old peanut butter just wasn’t cutting it . . . to read more about Justin's click here

For all of you that are peanut butter lovers like myself you will fall in love with Justin's products. I was given 2 free coupons to receive a jar of Justin's Peanut Butter and a small packet to try out their other flavor peanut butter which I picked out Chocolate Hazelnut Butter my son loves it. We both decided to choose Classic Almond Butter because it is healthier for you. My son always loves his bread toasted and than some chocolate hazelnut over top of it sometimes he'll have it with fluff.

My husband toasted up some wheat bread and he put some of the Classic Almond Butter which was really good. I like mine with a little bit of honey on top. You could even use some of the Almond Butter with some smoothies or a chocolate banana peanut butter shake my mom makes them the best!

These are literally addicting so beware when you purchase them you will not be able to stop buying them. I am being dead serious LOL stay away. I prefer the White Chocolate Peanut Butter the best ever I can't explain how delicious and tasty these are. They are mouth watering and every time I eat them I am literally in heaven.

Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter are really good to I love milk chocolate and these melt in your mouth and taste so decadent. My husband loved the Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter he loves everything with dark me not so much.

I even made some bananas and put some Almond Butter on top they were really delicious and a good late night snack, you can see my Instagram picture here

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  1. YUM! I'd love the Chocolate Hazelnut butter. This is making me drool.

  2. I've done the same with the Almond Butter and have dipped all types of fruits. It's so delicious!

  3. Since I read about this a week ago, I went looking for Justin's Almond Butter and found it. All I can say is, "DELICIOUS!!!"

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