Monday, October 26, 2015

The Honest Kitchen Review

Disclosure: I received a sample of this product to review at no charge but my opinions remain my own.

The Honest Kitchen
The Honest Kitchen provides natural human-grade pet food products for dogs and cats. Our gourmet recipes are 100% natural and gently dehydrated, not extruded. 

 I got a few sample packs in the mail of Puppy Food, Cat Food & Adult Dog Food. My mom has two cats Hazel and Charles so my mom mixed the regular cat food she buys with the original mix above just so they wouldn't tell a difference or not eat it because I think all animals should at least get a good healthy meal just like us humans do and what I like most about The Honest Kitchen is that they use 100% organic grains, hormone/antibiotic-free meats and non-GMO produce. All of their ingredients are guaranteed 100% Human Food Grade. My mom really liked the Puppy sample because we have a Chihuahua and he is small so it's perfect for Chipper he likes small bite sized food.  

 What I found interesting too is that humans taste their foods as part of their QC procedures to ensure every product is just right and their recipes are made in a human food facility in the U.S. that makes the very same foods that we probably eat. All though not every dog or cat will enjoy this food, but I know some that will. My dog Roxy is a very very fussy eater and she did not budge one bit which I had high hopes that she would enjoy something different, but she wasn't having it. My grand-pops dog Sammy she'll eat anything and everything so I believe my grand-pop mixed this dog food with her regular dog food so it wasn't completely off guard or different for her.

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