Sunday, October 4, 2015

Wholesale Halloween Costumes Review

Disclosure: "I received these products complimentary for testing purposes".

Wholesale Halloween Costumes is the only website that sells wholesale priced costumes to the public with no minimum order or membership required.

It's the month of October and we all are either looking for new costumes or been looking since little towards the end of September. We usually wait til the middle of October to see what my son wants to be for Halloween it usually takes him some time, but when I told him I was able to review a Halloween Costume for him he automatically said I want to pick it out so we went through a few options first it was an Eagles Player then the Star Wars and I wanted him to have a costume that he would actually like and it would be awesome to wear, so he ended up choosing the Zombie Hunter Costume.

Nicholas trying on the T-Shirt & Hat and I slowly got everything else on with his Jacket and his killer axe with zombie sheath which I think he loved that the best because every Halloween Costume he wanted he always asked if that came with it and this or that. I had to read the description for him so that he understood what came with what. I think I know why he choose this costume now because of the axe he thought was cool and the bullet belt. All he needs now is a play gun, but I don't think I am going to have him have one just under some certain circumstances.

Many of the pictures I took of Nicholas with his new Halloween Costume. He was very thrilled and he can't wait to wear it to School for their Halloween Parade they usually have.

Although he wanted to try this on right after school as he still had his shorts on from that day, I think I may have him wear black sweatpants or the kid in the description on the website looks like he is wearing jeans they look nice together so I'll let him choose. I am very happy with the decision me and my son made at choosing a great costume at Wholesale Halloween Costumes. They simply have the best ideas and affordable prices.


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