Monday, November 16, 2015

#AD #Amwell Telemedicine #Review

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How would you feel having a Doctor 24/7 for you or a loved one online, anytime. Have a visit in just minutes using your computer, tablet or phone. I know I would because there can just be that one little concern you have and in need of a quick chat or quick question you may need to just save your life or just to be on the safe side. I believe this is a great tool to have and for Mother's as well.

 There a few selected options you can choose from and require a small fee, but is very helpful. Especially if you don't have insurance and want to go by this, but some insurance companies and employers cover telehealth visits. Contact your Human Resources department or health insurance company to see if your visit is covered.

Meet some of their doctors:
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I would recommend this to my family & friends with this awesome website and a doctor who you need the most in a difficult time they can be there for you withing minutes. You don't need to wait for appointments or having to wait in a waiting room for 30 minutes. Where you need assistance 24 hours a day also your visit is kept safe and secure throughout your visit. It's simple and easy. Please check the website out Amwell and read about it.

Get App Phone
Amwell also offers a convenient app for your phone. You can take a Doctor with you wherever you may be.

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