Sunday, November 29, 2015

Taco Tastico Review

Disclosure: I received a sample of this product to review at no charge but my opinions remain my own.


Taco Tastico ® is a patented BPA-free microwavable crunchy taco shell maker that can be used with any type of tortilla or wrap to create incredibly crunchy taco shells in 60 seconds . . . to read more about Taco Tastico click here

I received a few samples of Taco Tastico to review on my blog along with two Gourmet Brushes. I never knew they sold these products like this for Tacos which is really cool because your taco shells come out crispy right in your microwave. You don't have to worry about setting the right temperature in your oven and having them get burnt because I know we ALL have done that before! It's hard to believe that they make PERFECT taco shells right in your own microwave. You can also use any kind of tortilla. My favorite wheat. You don't need any oil and the best part of it you have no mess to clean up cause we know we all hate cleaning up a big mess.

It's simple and easy to do and they give your directions right on their website if you are having trouble but you'll also get directions as well with your package when you purchase of course. See for yourself and look at the Instructions! If your family loves Tacos I suggest you at least purchase one of these fantastic Taco Tastico you won't be disappointed.

Check this video out for some humor at the end (:


  1. Awesome Blog! I use mine everyday, sometimes for all three meals. It's great because you can put anything inside a taco with any theme flavor. I made left over Chinese food tacos with flour tortillas the other day and they were fantastic! This morning, I made scrambled eggs with left over BBQ chicken tacos with corn tortillas and they were crunchy and fabulous. Quick & Easy while keeping the caloric intake down.

  2. As a senior, I enjoy using my Taco Tastico almost every day when I want a quick, yet healthy treat, such as a perfectly crunchy taco shell filled with avocado and spread with a little cream cheese and tumeric. Filling and no guilt. Thank you for making it work fabulously in my microwave!