Saturday, November 28, 2015

Tweez'em Stainless Steel Tweezers #MBSplintertweeze

Every woman should have a pair of Tweezers if you Tweeze on a regular basis me on the other hand I don't. My mom has a pair with her in her purse or car so you are always prepared for a pluck (: I would have love to have received one of these because I always have a hair or two on my chin and that isn't something I would like to walk around with. Yesterday me and my sister were at the AT&T store and my sister Abby noticed a hair on my chin. I told her to pluck it off and she wouldn't, so my sister Danielle did it. Those are the times when I need a Tweez'em hehe (:

With ultra-sharp, perfectly aligned elongated points, the Ingrown Hair/Splinter yellow Tweezer is unsurpassed. Keep one in your medicine cabinet and one for your toolbox. This surely will last a lifetime!

Due to Tomoson I have not received this product for review. I have contacted the business through Tweez'em multiple times, but no reply back. Therefor I had to write something to keep my score from dropping that is why I am writing this little review. Thanks


  1. I couldn't live without tweezers. Are these easy to use?

  2. i love how pointy these are! very precise.