Thursday, December 3, 2015

Cookie Chips Review

Disclosure: I received a sample of this product to review at no charge but my opinions remain my own.

HannahMax Baking, Inc
All Natural Crunchy Cookie Chips were born one afternoon when Joanne was baking for her kids, the company's namesake, a crispy, sweet treat. After they inhaled them like a bag of potato chips, she realized she was onto something big . . . to read more about Cookie Chips click here

 I was sent six delicious flavors of Cookie Chips to review on my blog. My family is a huge snack lover and me and my mom always try and buy healthy snacks for our children. Now a days you don't know what is in different snacks you buy so we always look at the ingredients and make sure the first ingredient isn't sugar. We like to explore different treats wherever we shop. I thought Cookie Chips would be a great family friendly snack for my family that is why I wanted to try them.

 Me and my husband tried 4 out of the 6 I first tried Chocolate Chip because those are always my go to cookies I like is Chocolate Chip I don't know anyone else who could resist not trying them first. They were crunchy and had little specks of chocolate chips in them. They were my favorite out of all of them. My husband is a huge dark chocolate fan so I automatically gave him the Dark Chocolate Chocolate Chip with no questions ask. They were really to dark chocolate for me so I was okay with him having the whole bag. The salted peanut butter cookies were okay I didn't care for them that much, but the crunchiness is what I like more about the cookies. I let my Pop-pop choose a kind that he would like out of them and he chose the Cinnamon Sugar. They also have Gluten Free variety pack as well.

I recommend this brand if you have children and you need a good healthy snack these are the go to and great for car rides to and great for any sport you may be at with your child. 

Buy It: Head over to Cookie Chips to see all the other great selections they have to offer.


  1. You lucky duck - who wouldn't want to eat a bag of these!!

  2. what! cookie chips. never heard of them! they look very good though