Monday, January 25, 2016

GlowCicle Review

 Disclosure: I received a sample of this product to review at no charge but my opinions remain my own.

GlowCicle™ is the simple way to make anytime special. Holidays come around once a year and memorable events should happen more often, so make them all spectacular with GlowCicle™ frozen treats!

I got a packaged GlowCicle to review on my blog. I wish I had more little kids to show this to and be all excited about my son is 8 and he loves ice pops and myself too. I have younger brother & sisters but not that young, but we all love a good treat and it doesn't matter if it's summer time we will have them any season because they are really good. I love ice pops. These did taste a little funny to me not to sure why I am not sure if I ate something that made it taste different or what, but I did taste 3 and they all had the same taste that was different :( Anyways, my son wanted to make the glow sticks a bit more fun and put them on the dog and my sister Abby the youngest shes 13 and she made a design like this before we put them in the freezer:

I know everyone did actually crack the glow sticks before I didn't know at first until they already did it and they were already used so I said lets have some fun with them before they die out.

My son put the glow sticks on my moms dog Chipper he looks cute though (:

These would be perfect for birthday parties or summer flings even night parties at the pool too would be a great idea. Since they glow it would be better at night time. I think these would be perfect for 4th of July you can cool down with a Glow in the dark ice pop with all your friends/family it would be a nice treat for everyone!!!

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  1. Chipper looks adorable with that glow stick. Lov ethat they have natural flavors and colors!