Thursday, September 29, 2016

Collapsible-Foldable Silicon Water Bottle Review

"Disclaimer:  All the opinions given, good or bad, are my own. The product is only used by me or someone in my immediate family. I received this product on a promotional discount in exchange for my honest review and they are 100% my own opinions. I received no compensation for this review."

I love that this Water Bottle is silicon which makes it pretty sturdy and flexible. It can hold anything you'd like to drink but basically used for water. I am always carrying a water bottle with me while I go out for whatever reason. I also suffer from anxiety so that is another reason why I am always carrying water with me. I like that this is an on-the-go water bottle you can bring it anywheres with you and you can even use it for your pets which I would do because they need to stay hydrated as well. Especially if your going on a long walk or hiking for that matter.
This product is safe and eco-friendly the water bottle is easy to store because it collapses to a third of it's full size which is pretty neat. I also made a little YouTube video you can look for yourself!

This water bottle can also hold freezing and boiling water liquids which is amazing in my opinion. I haven't had the change to try it but I will soon. This product is also dishwasher safe!

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  1. I like how it folds up, but it looks a little weird unfolded. I can see it being a great space saver.