Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Sweet Services Review

Disclosure: I received a sample of this product to review at no charge but my opinions remain my own.

At Sweet Services they offer a wide selection of bulk candy that you can purchase online with flat rate shipping and friendly customer service. They carry all types of candy including lollipops, mints, gummies, hard candy and much much more for your next big event!

My family of three we all love a good sweet treat now and then well maybe me and my son almost all the time and my sisters are candy freaks especially my youngest sister Abby. With that being said I was able to choose four products to review on my blog and the following items I chose are . . . .

When I was younger I remember going to the Mall and when they actually had the candy stores in the mall you can choose your own and put however many scoops into your bag and they weigh it, etc and your on your merry way eating all the good stuff you chose well me and my mom would always get these strawberry laces and they look the same and taste the same so it brought back some good memories that I remember when shopping with my mom "good times".
 Me eating some delicious strawberry laces. It came in a big bulk bag and I gave some to my mom, sisters & husband in a ziplock bag and they enjoyed some as well. I was very pleased with these a lot.

Next I had my favorite hard candies which are the "cinnamon disks" these are my all time favorite candies and they are the best flavor cinnamon which I love a bit of a sweet spicy taste to them. My sisters always came in my room to take a few without me noticing, ha ha!

I put some in my mason jar near my desktop window but I recommend not putting it directly there because of the sun. I just needed a nice picture (:

For me I always loved cotton candy flavor even the gum for that matter which I am not sure why I thought these were blow pops I got excited for a minute but then realized there were lollipops. Silly me! They were still tasty and good but just a little bit to sweet for me. My siblings enjoyed them and I gave them a lot to share and with my son of course.

Last up I have the Yum-Yum Candy Cones and these have been out for quite some time. These are really still out there and selling which amazes me all the old time fashion candy is still out in 2016. I always loved these but not the cone just the marshmellow hehe... It tastes so good and it was nice to have one and remember the good old times.
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  1. These looks absolutely scrumptious! Gotta get me some sweets.