Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Thinkbaby Review

Disclosure: I received a sample of this product to review at no charge but my opinions remain my own.


With a team of physicians and scientists focused on the latest chemical and biological science, Thinkbaby and Thinksport continue to lead in the usage of safe materials for consumer products. Our efforts are further energized by working with both our leading child advocacy partners and like-minded individuals who seek alternative products . . . to read more about thinkbaby click here

I requested this amazing Baby Care Set, All In On Set by Thinkbaby to review on my blog. I really like how they sort there products by age which can be really convenient for new mothers "young mothers" who are really new to the experience and aren't really sure what they need at a certain stage in there babies life and they can base what they need by age on Thinkbaby website to view products by age click the link.

The All-In-One comes with:

- Two x Stage A nipple (for 0 to 6 months and marked with a number 2 on the nipple)
- Two x Stage B nipple (for 6 to 12 months and marked with a number 3 on the nipple).
- Two x 9oz bottle bases made from polypropylene
- Two x Travel tops
- Two x The Sippy Handles
- Two x Stage C - Sippy Spouts (9 to 24 months)
- Two x Stage D - Thinkster Tops (18 to 48 months+)

Jaxson is 7 months he'll be 8 months on November 19th, so he is still at the age with bottles and as you see above this baby bottle goes up to 8oz which is great because sometimes he won't ever really need the 8oz he usually does 6oz so I use that for him. I watch my friends baby shes an RN so she has some crazy shifts, so it's better to have 2 bottles here at my house rather then transporting her bottles to and from her house and I would always loose her bottle lids when I lived at my mothers, so I wanted to try these out to see if he would like them, and I really love Thinkbaby brand they are nice and no leaks or spills. It's wonderful.

I can't wait til I can introduce him to the next stages of the Thinkbaby bottles and I love that they are BPA free. They deliver safe, functional, and sustainable products free of biologically harmful chemicals. Jaxson loves his new improved Thinkbaby bottles!

I love the fact that you can switch the different nipple "Stage B" part and switch it and use The Sippy Handles as well to prepare them to the next stage in there age. Very legit.
 The Sippy Cup is amazing too because again no spill spout and it's soft and silicone it just provides easier transition from baby bottle feeding to sippy cups. Perfect for Jax when he reaches about 9 months, so he'll have about 2 months to go. They are absolutely dishwasher safe as well.

Right product is called the Thinkster which is a straw bottle and I recommend getting them used to this as soon as you feel that they want to sip your straw, my son did this early around 12/13 months, and it's the best scenerio for any mother because I honestly do not like putting my child to bed with a bottle, so many things can happen when doing so they say and I beleive the WIC people that told me because there teeth can get rotten while drinking the Sippy Cup to bed because of the sugar, and I heard so many reasons why, so try not to make that a habit in my opinion.

I recommend Thinkbaby to a lot of mothers out there so think about this for a great mommy to be shower gift, and get the word out. Where was I when I could of had Thinkbaby when I had my son in 2007. I swear they come out with great products when it's to late for me to actually use something good, but I am glad I get to provide Jax with these good baby bottles!

Buy It: Head over to Thinkbaby to see all the other products they have to offer.

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  1. I got this same package last year for my daughter. I used the sippy cup portion for my granddaughter, and she didn't like it too much. But my grandson, he was weaned right onto a cup and he liked the sippy cup from thinkbaby.

  2. I like that these bottles have handles for babies little hands to hold! They look very well designed. My daughter-in-law is currently breastfeeding our four month old granddaughter but will be bottle feeding her within the next few months. I think she might be interested in these bottles. Thanks :)

  3. These are awesome, wish I had something like this for when my little one was just a bit younger. I know a soon to be mom who would love to get her hands on this. Will be sharing this with her or maybe I should get it as a gift instead! :-)

    1. Right! It seems like all the good stuff comes out when we don't need it or our children are older, LOL.

  4. That looks interesting! I wish I had know about them when Scarlett was little. The sippie cup looks fantastic. Thank you for your review.

  5. I don't have kids but this sounds interesting! Thanks for sharing the review with us! I'll share your post with my friend who is going to be mommy in the next few months!

  6. I love the color and design. I like that it can transform into a sippy cup which is very practical.

  7. Boy, how amazing that you can get all the bottles you need in one package! I'd like to refer this product to a friend of mine who is due any day now.

  8. I am hearing about Thinkbaby for the first time, but I am in love with that All In On Set right away. With almost all basic accessories bundled in one box, this should be a worthy product to try out. Jaxson looks pretty cute as well!

  9. As I don't have children, I can definitely refer these products to my friends with children. I love the fact that it's BPA free.

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