Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Basic Invite Review

Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this post. I receive complimentary products for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

Basic Invite

Located in Saint George, Utah, our small and passionate team has been creating the perfect card for every event since 2006. Through the development of unique technology, we're able to provide you with limitless options that allow you to instantly create a card that is truly unique . . . to read more about Basic Invite click here

I was recently introduced to a company called Basic Invite which is a online website to customized your very own invitation cards for any occasion. I decided to go with Holiday/Christmas Cards considering it was almost close to that holiday at the time. I never really have had the time in the past to do Christmas cards always said I wanted to but never actually ended up doing them. Now that we have our own home it's more easier to do things rather then living with your parents and siblings it was just hectic. Anyways I was sent a code for check out to use towards 40 Basic Invite Cards. 

The themes I couldn't really decide which ones I wanted and kept going back and forth a few times. I ended up choosing the style Merry Everyday Holiday Cards. I chose this one because I liked that it had text in the middle portion of the card and then I got to fill in two spots top and bottom. I decided to go with a colored picture and then a black and white on the bottom. What I also love about there company is that you can manage your own font style/font color and even change the decorations/clip art color as well. Something that is more to your liking and it makes it more fun that way too.

You also got to choose your Envelope Liner I just made my simple with no liner but you can choose other options for that. The style Paper for the actual card itself I chose Smooth Coated. I decided to go with a Square trim. I liked the Holly Address Option which I will show you in a bit, and the Envelope Color I did white again keeping it simple.

(right click view image, if it's too small & click open in new window to see)
Again an option if you needed to make any last minute adjustments or wanted to change something that you forget you can always click to edit before actually ordering your cards. That is a definite handy tool to remember and very nice to have as well.

My finished project of course from Basic Invite I love my customized Holiday Cards they are just too perfect and I love how they came out. Very well made and nice. I would order from them every time and for any occasion you can think of they have it. Customized is the best way to go for myself. I love to decorate my own cards and be creative. I also am in love with the Contacts which you can have printed on the Envelopes which is so handy and convenient because I have horrible handwriting sometimes when writing out addresses. I had a rough time in the beginning importing them but got the hang of it eventually you just have to play around with it for a few tries. I highly recommend that tool because it's amazing and they do cute fonts/colors. It's just wonderful. I loved it!

 Here are all the cards that were mailed out. The Holly which is the address, but mainly where it has the leaves and berries and says Deliver To: I chose that style. I liked it a lot.

 Another great handy thing about Basic Invite is that they have the peel and stick for the closing of the envelopes which was AMAZING. This company surprises me and is great. I hate envelopes where you have to constantly sit there and lick the thread of the envelope to seal it, it would drive me nuts and my tongue would get a paper cut it seemed sometimes, LOL. Anyways thanks Basic Invite for making it so easy for me to seal the cards😊 Your are simply the best!

Overall everything from this company was an amazing experience and I know who I am going to do my next occasion cards next time. I hope that some of my family/friends look into this company and love them as much as I do. It's a wonderful company and I can't wait to see what is in stores for me next time. Thanks

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  1. I love all the variety of options they have to cards. I, too, have never done Christmas cards though I've always wanted to.

  2. These are very cute. I like all of the different styles. I also love how some of the styles are simple as I usually go for a more simple look.

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