Monday, January 30, 2017

Nutrisystem Follow Up, Week Two #NSNation #ad

Disclaimer:  I received Nutrisystem complimentary in exchange for my blogging weight loss journey.

Hello! I survived another week of my Nutrisystem from when we talked last from my Week One. I was extremely happy to look forward to being done with week one, because it meant to me that I got to try new foods and add in my extras and eat a little bit more. I got to add dairy and whole grain foods also fruit which I love.

I will post some pictures of my food of what my days consisted of each day and you can see what type of foods I was eating. The nutrisystem sausage, egg & cheese muffin was really delicious. I never really ate stuff like this for breakfast but trying this was really good and kept me full. I did have a rough week mentally and physically because of my anxiety/depression. I wasn't taken my medicine for like a few days and that leads to extreme depression so I would mostly sleep most days and not really eat and if I did it would be ice cream/junk food. I had to get out of that faze real fast! When it gets to lunch time I do slip a little because I am learning as I go this is all new to me and I try to stay to the main diet and if I don't I add a extra snack in but a healthy one like a smoothie I make on my own with fruits and make them into a Popsicle. Something like that cause I need that extra sweetness to my diet. Not to much but just enough.

 Stuffed Shells I had for dinner one night for Day 1 - Really delicious and the perfect portion size with me. I did have some asparagus on the side with the stuffed shells.

(picture of some of what Nutrisystem gave me)

I'm drinking my 64 ounces of water every day, which I knew I could do because water is a big part of me. I love water and take it everywhere I go. I just always have water on hand it's my go to all the time except for breakfast just a tad bit to early to drink water LOL. If some of you aren't water drinkers I suggestion adding some lemon and start putting in some orange slices in it to add flavor it may help for some of you, and I hear it's pretty good! My mother in law likes to add stuff like that in hers as well. 

The Sweetened O's Cereal was amazing just reminded me of Honey Nut Cheerios. I did however add about 1/3 of them in there because this cereal tasted a little dry for me, not gonna lie. It tasted very good together I still got enough with my orange for my breakfast. I seemed to only get some shots of my breakfast which I am just realizing now but will try to take more pictures my week three. I've been getting better at my routine for my weight loss although it's been hard. I'm learning as I go along and reading other peoples journey as well.

 I believe this was the Chicken Enchilada with Mexican rice which was really delicious. A bit spicy but good. I don't think I will be getting this next because it was just a bit spicy for me.

This is another different muffin sandwich which was really good to but the sausage is my favorite. This is the Canadian turkey with egg & cheese. Very tender and delicious when you bite into it. I really love these sandwiches and it gives me a better view with breakfast. It's very easy for me to get full quicker because I'm not used to eating 6 meals a day, but getting the hang of it as I go along. I also don't always take pictures of my food too, so you may see me skip a day or two don't worry I didn't skip eating just didn't post a picture😊

For the best part of this week I also got to add dessert which I love. My weakness is Ice Cream and when I had chose on my plan of meals Brownie Sundae I thought it was a type of brownie to eat not ice cream so I was extremely happy. I was craving ice cream too. I fell in love it taste just like real ice cream that I like.
 I guess I didn't know it was ice cream because it didn't say cup at the end just chocolate brownie sundae so I thought that was funny, but also good on my end because I love ice cream. I can also add in cheese I love string cheese I usually eat that with my son because we love to peel the string down it's just something me and him do he thinks it's funny to eat it like that. Nutrisystem has given me the chance to fall in love with there foods and I can't wait to see what more is to come and try there delicious foods. Some of them ended up being my favorites. Like the melts for lunch I really love them they are good and actually really better then the hot pockets in my opinion.
See ya next time for my Week Three!

If you’re working on weight loss, let me know!  
I’d love to hear about your journey as well🙂

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  1. I'm surprised by some of these meals like pasta! It looks good and keep up the great work!

  2. Thanks for sharing! I always wonder what plans like Nutrisystm are really like. Glad to have your perspective. And hooooray for ice cream!

  3. Wow, glad to hear about the variety of options Nutrisystem offers. It also doesn't seem like you are starving yourself.