Monday, January 23, 2017

Nutrisystem's Turbo Takeoff Follow Up, Week One #NSNation #ad

Disclaimer:  I received Nutrisystem complimentary in exchange for my blogging weight loss journey.

Well friends, I've made it through my first week! I'm so proud of myself because within the first week of Nutrisystem Turbo Takeoff I've heard it is the most hardest week ever because as your food intake is very limited. I am a human being and I love to eat, but before I was only eating Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner plus a snack. With Nutrisystem you eat 6-7 meals daily. Turbo Takeoff included the following for my week which was 7 days of breakfast, lunches, dinners & a box of Turboshakes and a box of NutriCrush shakes. I had to start my day off with a breakfast entree within an hour of waking up (which was okay because I usually get my son up around 7 for school).
 My Turbo Takeoff supply box that I received! Everything looked really good and delicious.
So, as I get back to the daily plan for the day
2-3 hours later have your Turboshake.
2-3 hours later have your lunch entree with two of your four non-starchy veggies.
2-3 hours later have a Nutricrush Shake for your afternoon snack.
2-3 hours later have dinner with your other two non-starchy veggie servings.
This was my every day meal plan as it was my first time. I had a little bit getting used to everything and the 2-3 hours intake as well. It was a bit hard for me at first, but I managed and got through the day, days as it got better for me.
 The Turboshakes were really good I added in a half banana with mine because I honestly didn't like the taste at first. I'm not gonna lie but adding that half of banana really helped me like it much more. I also used Almond milk instead of water just because I don't really like using water with my shakes at all. I just think it taste weird to me anyways that is my honest opinion.
One of my meals throughout the week I enjoyed the Dinner "black bean and polenta enchilada with white meat chicken" it was a bit spicy but really good and the chicken was really tender as well. I enjoyed it and liked it a lot. The different meals were getting used to but overall was a huge success for me throughout my week which was very surprising.

As for the breakfast meals they were very small, but I knew I wasn't going to starve because I was going to have a shake 2 later. The double chocolate chip muffin I had one day for breakfast and it was really good. The muffin was mini & petite it was really cute and really delicious. Breakfast bars were really good too. I enjoyed them a lot.

Lunch, I think I struggled a bit because I wasn't really used to eating a small portioned lunch or before I would sometimes skip a lunch and just snack on something and then go right to dinner because I was usually not hungry at the time and would be more hungry around 3pm when my son came home from school, so I had a big adjustment to change.

As for exercise I didn't really do anything much besides walk around the house a bit and was constantly doing something whether it be cleaning the house, vacuuming and doing laundry.

I've have been noticing a change in my sleep though as I have been going to bed a lot earlier then normal and been getting up in the middle of the night but eventually going back to sleep which is a process for me because I would usually get up when I have to get my son up for school and then go back to sleep until maybe like 1pm it wasn't good. My sleep pattern was all messed up, but lately since I've been on Nutrisystem I have to say there is quite a change in that and I am very pleased because I wouldn't like to nap throughout the day because I'd be so wide awake around 2-3am it was awful. So a big thumbs up to that. I'm happy and excited what my next week challenges will be.

See you guys next week for another Nutrisystem update!


  1. Very Detailed and thought out review,Love it!

  2. I do meal planning. My meal plan is from a professional personal trainer friend of mine and it's very similar to this. You eat 6 times a day but you only have one protein shake a day. No starches, salt, or sugar. Eating more actually speeds up your metabolism which promotes weight loss....who knew!!!