Monday, February 6, 2017

Nutrisystem Week Three #NSNation

Disclaimer:  I received Nutrisystem complimentary in exchange for my blogging weight loss journey.

(Not comfortable with posting my weight online for everyone 
to see just my personal reference, sorry)

 Well I have finished out week 3 of my Nutrisystem Journey. Week 3 has been a lot easier because I am now learning how to eat properly. Learning more and more of what foods are smart carbs, proteins, snacks, etc. Week 2 went by really fast and the food has been incredibly delicious, and I can't believe I get to be this full on a diet. No lie. I sit and eat a meal say for dinner I had the mac & cheese with sausage one night for dinner with a side salad no dressing and I was simply full after eating that it was amazing, but I always have gotten full quite a bit after I eat small portioned meals. Stick to your plan and exercise a bit during the day and you will succeed without a doubt!

Almost every single thing that I have had this week was just beyond delicious and very flavorful. I only came across a few items I didn't like in Week 1 so I've been writing different likes & dislikes as I go along so it will be easier for me to stick to the great likes when I go and fulfill my order again. I must have different taste buds then others because the omelet I wasn't to fond over with the ham & cheese. The desserts have really been keeping me satisfied and I am loving the orange cream-sickle pictured above. 

 This past week hasn't been the best for exercise for me because I had to get surgery for a D&C and then my doctor put the Mirena in for me, so I have been quite drowsy and tired and resting from that, but overall I did get up a few times and tried to just clean up a bit and do small things because of that situation I was in. Next weeks progress will be a little bit more better. 

Until next time Week Three has been good. Come back and see Week 4 although I will have to recap when I come back from my Cruise on February 18th. I hope you have a great Valentine's Day!


  1. I have never tried Nutrisystem! But those Popsicle look good!

  2. I am just started my second month on NutriSystem. Excited that I have lost about 12 pounds! My only concern is the food is highly processed, and don't look healthy. have begun to compile my own healthy low calorie meals. I don't want to get used to eating chocolate muffins for breakfast and foods covered with sauces. Once I get to my goal weight I want eating healthy to be like second nature.

    1. You know what I so agree with you. I love my Honey Bunches of Oats Cereal so I've been having that every morning too. I just need that extra boost and breakfast they say is the most important meal of the day. That is good what kind of low calorie meals do you make?

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