Friday, May 5, 2017

Red Carpet Eyewear Review & Giveaway!

"Disclaimer:  All the opinions given, good or bad, are my own. The product is only used by me or someone in my immediate family. I received this product free of charge for an exchange for my honest review and they are 100% my own opinions. I received no compensation for this review."

Every pair of Red Carpet Eyewear feels amazing. Featuring 1.0mm premium TAC polarized lenses and high quality frame materials, every style is designed with both fashion and function in mind. Whether it's a classic style or a trendy look, you're going to feel like a fashionista when you slip on a pair . . . to read more about Red Carpet Eyewear click here

 I was asked to choose a few pairs of Red Carpet Eyewear from there website and I ended up choosing these three styles above. I really love sunglasses and to stay in touch with the latest fashion/styles of sunglasses. I used to wear really big and oversized sunglasses in the past, so I really needed a change in some different styles for this upcoming summer. I love a simple style and these are incredible and nice and relaxed fit. They are comfortable wearing and go with any outfit I choose.

These pair are called Sunstone and I really like the style these would go great with a chevron top or something black, etc. I really like the frame which is a pink tortoise with rose gold temples. The lenses are polarized gradient pink. Each pair comes with a branded microfiber drawstring pouch that doubles as a soft cleaning cloth.

They go well with my natural curl hair!

The next pair I chose was Jasper which is an all black pair with gemstones layered on each end of the sunglasses. I found that really nice and pretty. It adds more style to the pair of sunglasses. They have a matte black frame with polarized gradient smoke lenses.

You can see the gemstones along the side of the pair of sunglasses in my picture a bit better then the one up top.

So, those are the two that I had tried on for now. The other pair was a Chalcedony which is a very well nice pair as well. I love these sunglasses and how high end they are. They really are comfortable and block the sun while driving. They are really good and very well used on me of course. I love using them on a nice hot sunny day when I want to drive somewhere or laying out in the sun or just every day life. Mother's Day is coming up soon and you may want to look around and spot your very own favorite pair and give one to "Mom" and make her happy. Find a store locater near you!

Buy It: Head over to Red Carpet Eyewear to see all the other products they have to offer.

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  1. NICE shades! You look so pretty in them!

  2. I like the Opal frames, but they look like an older pair of sunglasses that I had a long time ago. Right now I'm stuck between Garnet and Aquamarine. I wish they had one more picture of Garnet. I would like to see them straight on. I do like that Red Carpet Eyes has oversized frames. They protect the eyes much better than many of the new frames that I see.

  3. I would keep them for myself. You can never have too many sunglasses. I am sunglass crazy & my 1 year old just broke my favorite pair. ❤❤

    1. Oh no really! That stinks. Well good luck. I love sunglasses too (:

  4. I like my sunglasses to have a little bit of bling so I might choose Ruby because of the sparkles. I also really like the shape and color of Citrine, this would be good for every day use.

  5. I would love the Champagne sunglasses. I love aviators they are my favorite. I would keep them for myself .

  6. I love them all :) but I think I am most excited about the Sapphire sunglasses. I would love to win them for...myself :)
    Thank You for the chance!

    Fiona N

  7. I would choose the Aquamarine. They would be for me since I've never owned a pair of sunglasses over $5.00

  8. I would probably choose the Turquoise ones! I love that color. Very flashy! I would wear them to the beach this summer.

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