Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Gobble Review

"Disclaimer:  All the opinions given, good or bad, are my own. The product is only used by me or someone in my immediate family. I received this product free of charge for an exchange for my honest review and they are 100% my own opinions. I received no compensation for this review."

Gobble delivers weekly dinner kits that empower customers to create home-cooked, nutritious, gourmet meals in the comfort of their own homes . . . to read more about Gobble click here

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I came across this website called Gobble which is a weekly dinner service that delivers farm fresh 10 minute gourmet dinner kits to customers "like myself". I like the idea of having a weekly prepared dinner for your family, so your not going crazy throughout the day worrying about meal plan. With Gobble everything is perfect and all ready to go and prepared for you and your family to cook. I don't know about you, but for me when it comes to Dinner time. I am always thinking of meals to make and what goes with what and how to prep and make it. I literally stress myself out at times because I am not a great cook like my mom. I have to have choices and ideas in front of me. I need to invest in a Cooking Book. No lie!

Now I was gone for the day for something with my son while my husband prepared this I was sent three meals to review on my blog. This one is called Thai Chicken Skewers with Fried Rice & Cucumber Salad. Now I forgot to mention to my husband that this was for a review and I had set this out the night before to prepare for the next day, so my husband decided to do the unthinkable and prepare it his own way, so I was kind of angry, but yet it was hilarious because I told him there were a index card with directions, etc, so we will disregard this one but everything turned out good. He went ahead and ate it. I didn't have any besides the fried rice which was really tasty.

My second choice was the Pan-Seared Tilapia & Cilantro Rice with Garlic-Lime Sauce. My family loves fish and it's really healthy for your and all. My husband did prepare all this and made it with the Index card that had the directions and everything.

I really liked this dish a lot it had a lot of flavors and the rice was really delicious along side the cabbage salad. The fish was excellent!

Last choice I chose the Lemon Pepper Shrimp with Cavatappi Pasta & Creamy Garlic Pesto Sauce. We love pasta in our family especially my son. Although I did not get the shrimp that came with it so I went out and bought a few shrimp to go along with it. I was a bit disappointed and sad. 

I didn't quite taste any of the pesto sauce but everything was really good. I think my husband made the shrimp a bit to much crisp more so it would of been better if there shrimp was in the bag. I did like putting the bread crumbs on top of the pasta thought that was really good and added nice texture to the meal. 

Overall Gobble is a fantastic meal plan prep to purchase and just the only thing I would recommend would be to label everything in the bag itself so we know what it's called, etc. I know they have the index card but it would just be a lot helpful too if they had everything labeled in the bag as well on the products itself.

I will absolutely look into this over the holidays and see what other delicious meals they have to offer then. You can't beat the amount that is delivered to your door step and how easy is it to prepare a 10 minute meal. It helps a lot for busy moms!

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