Thursday, November 9, 2017

Herb Stop Review

Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this post. I receive complimentary products for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

Herb Stop
The Herb Stop was founded in 1992 by Leilah, Swiss Pharma-Assistant and Master Herbalist. Starting in a small 300 square foot store in Arizona, our herb store quickly expanded into a larger location to accommodate . . . to read more about Herb Stop click here

I received one of the months Aroma Boxes to review on my blog. I got the July Box and I've been waiting to post forever now. The July box had a few different scents for when the Summer Days were around. I love herbs and different scents/smells they have.

Your Aroma Box will include 4 bottles of oils and 3 single essential oils and 1 roll-on essential oil blend ready to use.  Along with your aromas, you will receive a detailed flyer with a description of each oil, 3 tips on using each oil, as well as any safety information.
The AromaBox is only $19.99/month - including shipping!!!

The three oils I got in my July Box were: Key Lime, Peppermint & Dalmatian Sage + a Roll-On.

Key Lime - The Key Lime oil got my attention for uses with colds, flu, fevers infection, digestion. These are all good uses throughout the winter time too so I am really hoping to use this throughout the winter time it would be really beneficial to me and my family. I also have a diffuser I can use to put some in as well and let the house float with the scent. 

Peppermint - This essential oil is also really good for cold flu symptoms as well. Also great to help the digestive problems and nausea along with motion sickness. This would of been great to have while I was on my Cruise about 2 years ago. Helps fight bronchitis, coughs, easing congestion and fighting infection. I like the scent of peppermint it's nice and refreshing and even clears up your sinus if you have allergies or stuffy nose while sick. I've found that pretty helpful. I love that it's all natural and vegan too. I also like the fact that it commonly used for poor memory, depression, confusion and indecision.

Dalmatian Sage - I didn't really see any important use for this essential oil accept the fact that it is great for foot baths for tired, aching and sweaty feet. I work full-time and I am constantly on my feet for periods of time so after a long days of work. I would recommend using this essential oil. It's also great for balancing woman's hormones, reducing breast milk, reducing perspiration and oiliness of skin, excessive sweating and encouraging hair growth.

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