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The Destination for Trendy plus-size Fashion
Before Torrid launched in 2001, there weren’t many shopping options for the fashionable plus-sized girl. Sure, she could look pretty fierce in men’s jeans and tees, but, from lingerie to dresses, there weren’t many options for feminine plus-size clothes for young women and teens. Torrid recognized this and created a women’s plus-size fashion line inspired by fashion icons, runway shows, music and pop culture. We also fit our line on a plus-size model so our customers could get fabulous fashion in sizes 12-28. Now, with styles from hot labels like Betsey Johnson and Jezebel added to the mix, Torrid is the destination for trendy plus-size fashion. And with plus-size jeans from Ed Hardyand more, Torrid girls can ditch those men’s jeans for good!
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I recently contacted Torrid & asked them if I could do a review on there clothing. I really love Torrid & I seen there store in the Cherry hill mall all the time, but there prices are outrageous & I can only afford maybe 1 top as I would love to buy ALL there clothes. I just cant! I think this is by far the best clothing store for plus size woman. Everything is so nice & beautiful especially there jewelry. Here are some pictures that I got to review & I am so happy that I got to pick out 5 things that I wanted to review :)


First choice I choose was the Black Butterfly Bling Dolman Top

I really LOVE this top as you can see it has some butterfly's on the shirt as well & I love the color on it with the butterfly's really really nice. Also on the right you see the single braided cold-shoulder strap. I really like that as well its very unique & different.


Second choice that I picked out was a One Shoulder Top (I couldn't find it on the website so here is a picture of what it looks like from when I took it.

This is a real nice one shoulder top it kinda is similar too Black One Shoulder with Lace Trim Top its just a shorter sleeve than the one I have. I would wear this shirt anywhere really its really nice & I love how its a one sleeve. I would wear this out to a nice fancy bar or something :)


I picked this out because my favorite color is Pink & it's something nice I could wear to work. I love how its only half sleeved. Also the material is very soft.


Fourth choice I choose Silver Jeans-Capris (I am not sure which ones they are on the website so here are a pair I took:

Silver Jeans Capri's I really love these jeans they are so comfy & I can wear any one of my shirts to go with them. I love the pockets on the back as well they are too cute. I love how the front jeans are faded I really like that with any jeans I get or ripped ones I think are really hot as well.


Last by not least my Fifth choice I choose was Black Lingerie

I have to say that I am not a "big fan" of lingerie I mean my husband wouldn't mind me wearing it. I just don't feel comfortable in it who knows maybe its just my body figure or whatever. Also I don't have the boobs to fit in that bra with the lingerie "LOL" too funny. Anyways the lingerie is nice and silky & it has that rough feeling a little that I don't like either. I shouldn't have gotten this & maybe I should have gotten a different top, but it's okay!


When I went to the Torrid store in the Cherry hill Mall last friday I couldn't help but get another top because I loved it so much & I just loved the way it looked the material was awesome & I just liked how it looked on me also in the back it's a nice Tank Top anyways to wear during the summer time so here it is:

Zebra Tank with Twisted Straps

Some of my favorite stuff at Torrid:


They also have great Shoe collections also. I wish I would have picked something out in the shoe department. Click here to view the Shoes.

Something that I love when I go shopping Accessories. I love handbags to wallets to necklaces & rings. Check out some of there accessories here

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I am 100% satisfied with what I got to review from "Torrid" if I have the opportunity to do it all over again. I would :)

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I've gotten the chance to wear my favorite shirt from Torrid that I got to review & I must say that I absolutely LOVE this shirt & I wear it almost like all the time I go out : ) I am so happy with my choice here is a picture of me.....

I received these products free of charge for the purpose of this review

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