Friday, July 1, 2011


Digiorno is a brand of frozen Pizzas, the brand was started by Kraft but was later sold, and currently owned by Nestle. Digiorno makes a number of frozen pizzas for personal consumption, or for the family. The following pizzas make a great family meal.
  • Digiorno 12″ rising crust pizza
  • Classic thin crust
  • Cheese stuffed Crust Pizza
  • Garlic bread pizza
  • Half and Half Pizza
  • Ultimate toppings pizza

Each of these pizzas come in a variety of flavours which gives your family a lot of variety and options. 
digiorno pizza reviews
My favorite was the buffalo chicken pizza! 
Digiorno also offers pizzas and frozen food for lunch. The lunch menu is not as expensive as the family menu, however if you are satisfied with the Digiorno pizzas that you have for the family then you may also like the lunch offering. The following foods are currently available for lunch
  • Flat bread melts
  • Traditional Crust (small pizza)
  • Thin crispy crust (small pizza)

New Digiorno Pizza Products

  • Pizza and Bread sticks
  • Digiorno Deep Dish (small pizza)
  • Digiorno 200 calorie portions
  • Crispy flat bread pizza
I am a big fan of deep dish pizza so I really like the Digiorno deep dish, every flavor was damn tasty!

I currently got a coupon for a free DiGiorno Pizza I choose the Cheese Stuffed Crust (Five Cheese) because my husband loves Stuffed Crust pizza whenever we go to Pizza Hut, but to be honest as the picture looks up above didn't look as good as  I made it.  There was barely any cheese in the crust at all, but overall the pizza was really good.

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