Monday, July 11, 2011

Sweaty Bands

Great for athletic activities, the outdoors, and life in general
Made in the USA using a ribbon like material that is lined with felt so they will not slip off, even during active exercise.
Super fashionable yet highly functional
Sweatbands wick away sweat for comfort
Recommended for casual wear and all athletic activities including tennis, soccer, volleyball, yoga, pilates, running, basketball, and golf....

I first saw Sweaty Bands on my friends blog site.  I thought they looked really neat & I wanted to write the company to see if I could try & get one as well, and so I did :)    Having tried numerous other products like the Goodie brand and other drug store let-downs, we were not sure if such a thing exisited as a non-slip headband.   What head bands do you use?  Do they slip when you exercise?

These non-slip headbands keep your hair back and out of your face and are the perfect accessory to a running outfit.  I would always wear mine while I was at my job because in some of the rooms it tended to get hot or while we were outside with the patients & just simple running around on the job as well. The trick to these suckers is the velvet lining on the inside that will not slide around your head once you get going – whether you are running a marathon, playing volleyball, in a soccer game, or just running around town, Sweaty Bands work!

Sweaty Bands has made quite a name for themselves. 

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Sweaty Bands

4650 Wilmer Court
Cincinnati, OH  45226
(513) 871-1222

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I received this product mentioned above free for the purpose of this review

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