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Asher's Chocolates

What Is Asher's?

Chester Asher was a Scottish farm boy from Ontario, Canada who had a mind for business and a passion for confections. He worked for a candy factory briefly before wanting to branch on his own. In 1892, he founded the Asher's candy making business in Philadelphia. In the early years, his staff made maple syrup, jams and jellies and did some canning. The store even including baked items and ice cream, but shared one commitment to quality and taste. The original recipes, many of which are still used today, were written by Chester himself on the backs of sugar bags.
Asher's is the oldest continuously family owned and operated candy making business in the US and is currently under the direction of the fourth generation. Asher's success is due to the family's reputation for making quality candy with the freshest and purest ingredients available.

Asher's Chocolates is a company that has been making chocolates and other confections for over 100 years. Asher's sells high quality, classic chocolates online that make for great gifts. They even sell a variety of gift baskets, which makes it simple to give the perfect gift to your favorite chocoholics. If you are just looking for a small treat for yourself or your family, Asher's also sells individually wrapped chocolate smothered pretzels, chocolate sandwich cookies, and chocolate graham crackers. This is great for portion control and also for when you are traveling.

Asher’s Chocolates generously sent me 18pc. Milk Chocolate Smothered Pretzels Caddy, 1lb. Peanut Butter Smoothies, 1lb. Vanilla Caramels & last but not least 1lb. Milk Chocolate Pretzel Clusters for a review. I am a big chocolate fan! I just love it. Actually my favorite type of chocolate would probably be Chocolate Covered Pretzels the main ingredient that I always look for in chocolate is "cocoa butter" without that the chocolate isn't worth trying in my books. I was so excited to try some of Asher's Chocolates & was really really happy to do a review. Asher's truly has a wide variety of chocolates and chocolate covered goodies. I was also very happy to choose what I wanted to review from there site. I even gave some to my mom, but she didn't get to have the chocolate covered pretzels because the kids probably ate them before she could get any, LOL meaning my brother & sisters. I even gave some to my friends who were staying over they really loved it as well, & my husband of course had a few he isn't much of a chocolate person, I don't know why, but he's nuts. LOL.....

How Do Asher's Chocolates Taste?

I tried the Milk Chocolate Smothered Pretzels, which were so yummy I couldn't stop eating them my son even enjoyed some as well. These award-winning pretzels were fairly large and had a nice crunch to them. The salty pretzel was the perfect contrast to the sweet and perfectly creamy chocolate. The box came 18 individual wrap pretzels to share with the whole family. However, the box did not last very long because the pretzels were addicting and everyone kept going back for more.

Milk Chocolate Pretzel Clusters

These were amazingly good to it had just enough chocolate, but I thought it had a lot of pretzels clusters in it maybe if it was less pretzels than I think it would of been really good but overall they were delicious & very good.

Peanut Butter Smoothies

These peanut butter smoothies were to DIE for I absolutely love peanut butter & I thought these were the best out of everything I got minus the chocolate covered pretzels of course, but these were so creamy & every bite I just fell in love & I couldn't help but eat another after another with how it tasted :)

Vanilla Caramels

These chewy caramels were very delicious as well. I always love caramel stuff & this was really chewy & yummy. My son loved these as well. I could put one in my entire mouth & just taste all the caramel; perfection!!!!!
Nicholas eating a milk chocolate pretzel cluster

I am so pleased that I got to try Asher's Chocolates it was very yummy & a girl can't resist chocolate ever :) if you would like to visit there site & buy some goodies online they have a wonderful variety of goodies from Chocolate Covered Grahams to Assorted Chocolates to Chocolate Sandwich Cookies, Asher's has something for everyone and their sweet tooth. To learn more about Asher's and their products as well as ordering information, please head over here

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I received these products mentioned above free of charge for the purpose of this review.

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