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Baby Walton

Baby Walton was founded by Victoria McGee Walton, a stay-at-home mom who invented and developed the Infant Hair Protector after both of her babies experienced infant baldness. Walton searched for a solution to prevent baby baldness when her first baby developed an unsightly bald spot on the back of her head, but no products were available on the market. Walton consulted her pediatrician, family and friends and realized that infant baldness is a common problem for nearly all babies. After her second baby developed a similar bald spot, she realized she had to create a solution herself, and the Infant Hair Protector was born. Within 30 days her baby's hair was restored. Now the Infant Hair Protector satin headrest is available to parents everywhere.  I just love the way moms turn around into finding solutions to their problems when they can’t find the right answer to their issues and make them in to a profitable business that will help her and other moms as well.
           Large Protector                                
   Crib, Bassinet and Bouncer 

When my son was a baby, he had a bald spot in the back of his head as I remember it's been like 4yrs now, but I remember when he would always take naps & sleep otherwise that he would have this one bald spot sometimes "lol" & even when he was sweaty during the summer-time he would get bald spots to & my son didn't really have a whole lot of hair to begin with but with the little hair that he had you could still tell. People told me that it is quite normal for that to happen: During the early stages of life, infants spend a considerable amount of time sleeping. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends placing infants on their back to minimize the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). Unfortunately, this practice frequently causes a bald spot to appear on the back of an infant's head, especially if an infant's hair and scalp are dry. The friction of the infant's head against cotton sheets causes the infant's hair to break and the back of the head to become bald. The condition is further aggravated by the constant movement of an infant's head in a car seat, bouncer, stroller, swing, carrier, bassinet and the like. So it is normal but still not pretty!  

      Small Protector      
Car Seat, Carrier, Swing and Stroller  
I have recently found about Baby Walton (wish I knew about them back then).
Infant baldness can be prevented by reducing the amount of friction caused by the many surfaces your baby comes in contact with while lying down. You can help your baby's hair grow back naturally while she/he sleeps with the Infant Hair Protector. The Infant Hair Protector can be secured to cribs, bouncers, swings, car seats, carriers, strollers and bassinets to provide a soft, smooth surface for your baby's head to rest. The 100% satin surface prevents balding, breakage and shedding of your infant's hair. If your baby is already experiencing infant baldness, the Infant Hair Protector will help your baby's hair to re-grow, while preventing further balding.

 Machine washable satin 
Prevents the unsightly bald spot on the back of your baby's head Regrows your baby's hair, while preventing further balding 
Made of 100% soft satin to minimize infant balding 
Helps maintain the moisture in your baby's hair and scalp  
Kit includes a large (15 in. x 29 in.) and small (8 in. x 8 in.) Infant Hair protector Ties safely to infant cribs, bouncers, swings, car seats, carriers, strollers and bassinets 

Colors: Blue, Cream and Pink 

Price: $24.99 plus Shipping & Handling 

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I received this product' mentioned above free of charge for the purpose of this review 

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